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Paint Correction

Paint correction is the removal of paint swirl marks, fading, oxidation, water spots and so on. It requires a lot of time, patience, experience, equipment, and the right preparation.

The components of paint correction includes, cleaning or removing debris using a clay bar, using a machine polisher to remove the scratches and swirls, and then resealing the paint.

Who needs a paint correction ? 

1. Fine scratches can be caused by many things such as branches, airborne debris. keys and clear coat scratches.

2. Water spots or  water etching can lead to permanent damage. Water that contains salt, road grime, or high levels of minerals is especially dangerous, as it has the ability to slowly eat into clear coat, and becomes extremely difficult to remove when baked in the sun.

3. Bird droppings make a massive difference in the longevity of your car’s clear coat. Acids within the animal poo to eat into your car’s external surfaces, causing the need for an even lengthier round of paint correction – meaning more labour and more money.


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